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  • Find Mikuni carb at Dennis Kirk. Huge selection & low prices on Mikuni carburetor items at Dennis Kirk. Availability. In Stock Only (125). Price Range.
  • Apr 28, 2019 · I found the photos of my VM29's. The rack is shortened so 1-2 comes closer to 3-4. I had to shorten the Fuel T pipe between 2-3 to make it possible to use stock carb boots. Used them like this 2014. Replaced by newer Mikuni TMR 32 2015, these easier to jet. Dyno runs with a/f meter a must.
  • The carburetor was designed for use on a motorcycle or ATV with the fuel tank above the engine. The fuel is gravity fed to the carburetor. That works out to be around 1/4 psi, or less, depending on how full the tank is. Too much pressure can overpower the float valve that blocks the fuel flow when the float bowl is full.
  • Jul 31, 2009 · Clean your carb and spray carb cleaner in all small passages, make sure air can flow through all ports no matter how small. Put it back together and it should run great. By the way, since it idles fine I doubt you have a gasket problem, sounds definitly like a carb problem to me.
  • I need a replacement carb for my '77 Yamaha XT500 (500cc 4-stroke single). It had a Mikuni VM32 originaly but it's one of those weird dome-top models with a push/pull throttle cable. I hate those, so I'm thinking about using one of the standard VM32s I have laying around. One is from a...
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  • Mar 28, 2019 · stick with the stock carb Tors delete kit with idle screw, properly clean it, clean float valve seat with tooth paste n Q-tip, replace float needle if rubber is worn or torn set float height. the carb section here has great DIY threads on all of that.
  • Mikuni tm series flatslide carburetors. TM Flat Slide Standard Jetting Specifications. Carb. Main jet. Throttle valve. Float height. Mikuni part.
  • Mikuni Bst34 Carb Manualfor multiple Polaris ATV's and UTV's with OEM Mikuni BST34 Carburetors. This Mikuni rebuild kit is designed to replace multiple internal items including the float valve, internal gaskets, and clips as well as new external items such as adjustment screws and springs. Mikuni Power - Mikuni Genuine Carburetor & Fuel Page 11/25
  • Carburetor Float Needle & Seat Assy Yamaha MOTO-4 YFM200 YFM225 TRI-MOTO YFM250 K&L # 18-4669 $13.95 Carburetor Float Needle Valve Mikuni Yamaha Motorcycles XS400 XV535 Virago XJ550 Maxim XJ550 Seca XJ600 XJ700 Maxim FZR1000 XS1100 XVZ1300 Venture Royal XVZ13 XV1600 Road Star XV1700 Road Star K&L # 18-8944
  • Your fuel gauge not functioning? There's a very good chance it's due to a bad float like the one pictured below. You'll need to pull your baffle to make sure that's the case though. If it turns out your problem is a float that won't float or one that has missing magnets, this updated part will fix the unit without having to buy a whole new baffle!
  • Carb Question, Stuck Float. Related: Edit Tags Done. That's when I officially decided to call it a day. Like I mentioned earlier, I really have no idea how a carburetor works and if needed, I can always take the bike to a local shop to get worked on.
  • All things considered, the round-slide Mikuni is an excellent carb, with a wide range of tuning capabilities. You can also find jets and parts easily. A huge number of vintage bikes come equipped with the good old round-slide Mikuni carb. In fact, just about every Japanese bike from the 60s and 70s came with this mixer.
  • I went to take the bike to get registered the other day but noticed there was a significant amount of petrol leaking from the carbs. It's a Kawasaki GT750 with Mikuni BS34s. It gets worse when I switch to PRI. I've recently rebuilt my carbs so they're pretty clean and I have the vacuum caps on 3 carbs with the vacuum tube connected to the tank.
  • KHS-028 Chrome Carb Top 42/45 wo/Mikuni KHS-029 Chrome Carb Top 42/45 w/Mikuni KHS-032 Chrome Carb Top 48 w/Mikuni logo Jetting Parts High speed (main), low speed (pilot) jets, jet needles and accelerator pump nozzle for the HSR42/45/48 carburetors. VM28/486-(size) Pilot Jets , sizes 15 to 50 N100.604-(size) Main Jets , sizes 140 to 240
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Seafood processing companiesThe sticking is caused by dry slides and slide bores. The other tuning issue is the amount of fuel in the bowl. We use float height specifications and have found that, floats may have been bent improperly by past mechanics. Also we have noticed that some aftermarket float needles/seats are slightly different heights than OEM. The small torpedo shaped piece of metal hanging from the float is the float valve. Clean it up and check if the nipple-like pin in the top (closest to the float) moves in and out freely. If it doesnt, soak it in carb cleaner until it moves freely. This spring driven nipple serves as a shock absorber to hold the valve in place.
Anyone know of a good place with a good price on either a new or (preferably) used Mikuni 34 mm round-slide carb for the above mentioned sled? I was cleaning the carbs on a friends sled and it was so green and varnished that when I tried to remove the pin that holds the float lever in place, it busted one of the towers clean off!
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  • Mar 06, 2017 · The floats should pivot freely on a pressed-in pin (typically fitted to Mikuni and Keihin carburetors). Great care should be taken when removing this pin as the aluminum stand that retains it is susceptible to breaking (support one side when tapping the pin out). 04 of 06 3. Line float bowl up and screw on. Torque bolts in a X pattern until they are snug, do not over tighten. X pattern means alternating bolts so that the bowl is tightened evenly over the seal area. 4. Bring carburetor back out to the snowmobile. 5. Insert the carburetor back into the carburetor flange on the
  • All things considered, the round-slide Mikuni is an excellent carb, with a wide range of tuning When you push down on it, it reaches into the float bowl and forces the float downward. The screw that sticks into the idle air passage is called the pilot air screw, or the idle air screw.
  • Sep 23, 2001 · This is usually caused by a stuck float needle, and this is common in bikes which sat for a long time. The reason is, the gas gradually dries out of the float bowl, and as the level falls, the float needle opens, and then the fuel dries out, leaving resins behind which glue the needle in the wide-open position.

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Feb 08, 2006 · There is a nice hard-chrome plated brass slide from a Mikuni carb that is about .014" bigger in OD than the stock slide, so boring the carb to clean up the wear and fit the nice slide is appealing (and I've got some of the slides falling readily to hand and foot). The problem is the groove at the bottom of the carb where the slide seats.
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A tool to help is a float adjustment tool (When checking float height, the float should be resting, but not depressing the the spring loaded pin. This can be done by tilting the carb until it just makes contact with the pin).
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The vents are to allow the air pressure in the float bowl to remain the same as the air outside of the carb which allows the carb to work correctly. Smell and feel the oil, if it smells like gas or the oil doesn't feel very slippery between your fingers change it soon!
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2) Fuel float adjustment: Fuel float level is critical to proper operation of any carburetor, the HS40 is no exception. Mikuni correctly adjusts the floats during assembly but they may be acciden-tally bent out of adjustment during tuning or other handling. If you have doubts, check the float level and re-adjust if needed. Mar 14, 2011 · take the carb off the unit remove the float bowl. turn the carb up side then attach a aux fuel bottle to the fuel inlet on the carb. add fuel to the aux fuel tank and see if fuel leaks out of the needle and seat area. if it does not leak right away let it set that way for a hour and then check to see if it is wet around the needle and seat area. this is checking to see if the needle and seat ...
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Oct 03, 2011 · The carbs are a pain in the ass out of the box. Mine had a stuck float due to poor casting inside the slides were sticking the throttle cable is still a issue I'm working on. On a good note the bike is running real nice and it's more responsive then my stock carbs ever were. Be prepared to deal with issues.
  • Nov 23, 2019 · According to Suzuki, if the air cleaner fails in the Mikuni BS32SS carburetor, it could be due to the presence of dirt or excess oil lubrication. A faulty fuel level in the carburetor could be caused by a sticking float, a leaking needle or an incorrect carburetor setting. A leaking or sticking linkage could cause the choke to malfunction. Carburetor Parts. for Yamaha TDM850 FZR1000 TRx850 TDM 850 FZR 1000 Motorcycle Carburetor Repair Kit Floating Needle Mixture Screw Set 5.0 Store ...
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  • Stuck float? What's the purpose of that hose coming off the bottom of the carb (Mikuni VM24SS)? Any help is appreciated. Attachments. carb.png. 4 MB Views: 533.
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  • Swapping a Mikuni VM24 carb onto your TTR 125 is not that difficult if you have a little bit of time and some basic tools. Not too often will you see me devote an entire article on a "Make My Dirt Bike This may be a bad choke, sticking float/needle, or jetting problems that make it hard to start or not run right.
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  • Welcome to AMAL. We are The Worlds Sole Manufacturer of Genuine AMAL Carburettors and Spares. Please use our product search boxes below to find the correct Carburettor or spare part for your Motorcycle, alternatively look around our store to find a range of other accessories!
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  • May 03, 2018 · This carburetor is a Mikuni clone which is absolutely fine. It is a direct replacement for the pZ30 stock carb that comes on the TBR7 TT250cc. Air fuel mixture is accessible for tuning, comes with a 100 Main jet and adjustable needle as well as an entire rebuild kit.
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